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Studio 15 Jewelry How To Get Started

create and build your own jewelry buiness

Join Studio 15 Jewelry as a Jewelry Consultant And Create Your Own Jewelry Business! No Limitations, No Autoship, No Minimums, No Recruiting

Our Business Plan Is Very Simple Create True Freedom With Your Own Business! You Buy At Wholesale And Sell At Retail!

Create Your Own Jewelry Business

It's very easy to get started with Studio 15 Jewelry and create your own jewelry business that will allow you to earn 70%+ in commissions on the products you sell.

To join, request a sign-in link by entering your email on the Consultants Start HERE! page. Click on the link in your email and you will go directly to our wholesale pages.

On the wholesale shop pages it list all products that are available for purchase at wholesale prices. Clicking on each jewelry item brings up a more detailed information page about that particular product.

It is suggested that you add at least 2 - 4 jewelry items of each product that is listed on the shop pages. This way you have 1 for display and extra for inventory to replace your display item when it sells. The amount of inventory you want to keep on hand mainly depends upon how you are going to sell the jewelry items.

After you place your order, wait for delivery and you are ready to begin your new business. There are many different options you can choose from to sell your jewelry or your can use multiple options. You can setup at shows and events as a vendor, you can sell from your own website, you can host parties at your home. Your options are unlimited.

This TRULY Is Your OWN Business Without Restrictions! You are selling jewelry items under your own brand and not Studio 15 Jewelry!

Selling At Shows And Events

A few things you may want to purchase before doing any shows or events such as signage, tablecloths, jewelry stands or holders, small lights or lamps and business cards. Remember you are not selling under the Studio 15 Jewelry brand but under your own brand. It would be a good idea to think up a name for your business so you are branding your own jewelry business.

You should have small tags that are able to go on the jewelry that shows the price of each item. A reciept book would help you keep up with inventory so you know what to rebuy when you sell items. Small signs on your table mentioning "Sale", "Special", or even "Lead and Nickle Free" can help in selling your jewelry. Most of this stuff can be purchased from local stores like the dollar store or even purchased from

You could have custom tags printed up with your business name or logo on them and have custom signs made. There are many print shops around your area call them to see who offers you the best deal. Depending upon the size of your signs or banners in Las Vegas offers printing at $10 for each.

Locating Shows and Events to be a Vendor. Check your local papers or search facebook for the term "Vendors YOUR CITY NAME" and you can usually find many events for vendors. Most of these shows and events will only allow 1 DS Rep per company but keep in mind because you are selling under your OWN brand, you will not run into problems where other Direct Sales Reps have already purchased a booth.

Sell From Your Own Website

Studio 15 Jewelry does not offer consultant free websites because we allow you to sell under your own business name and brand. It is important that you do have a website as it makes things easier to sell online. You ARE allowed to use any of the pictures and descriptions off our wholesale pages and detail pages.

Having online events or parties will allow you to send people directly to your website to get additional information and to purchase. This is also a great way to build a customer email list that you can email with special offers and discounts.

Having your own website makes you look more professional when building your own brand. This also allows possible customers that you have handed out business cards to the ability to buy from you when it is convenient for them. One of the biggest advantages to having your own website is the fact that you can get rankings in Google. This is something a facebook group does not offer. Currently there are over 3 billion searches in Google every day.

While Studio 15 Jewelry does not offer free rep websites, we do offer the ability for you to have your own ecommerce website setup for you. Our ecommerce websites give you the ability to add your own products and edit much of the site from the admin area of the site. For more information on getting an ecommerce website contact our Customer Service department.

Custom Website Design and Graphics!

Studio 15 Jewelry has the ability to create custom websites for your business or create custom graphics and logos. Contact us for more information.

Have Any Questions? Need Any Help?

Our convenient customer service link is there for you, anytime you have a question, need help or looking for ways to improve your business. Simply contact us directly through the customer service link found on the top of every page. Also Check our Consultant FAQ's, the answer could be there. Remember, we are here to help you build your own business!