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Studio 15 Jewelry Consultants

create and build your own jewelry buiness

Join Studio 15 Jewelry as a Jewelry Consultant and earn MORE than any other direct sales or MLM jewelry company! No Limitations, No Autoship, No Minimums, No Recruiting

Our Business Plan Is Very Simple Create True Freedom With Your Own Business!

Build Your Own Jewelry Business

Studio 15 Jewelry offers quality designer fashionable jewelry merchandise at below wholesale prices and you sell at your own price for a profit.

Most of the items in our lines easily sell for $5 to $20, but as you own your own business you are free to sell at any price you choose. Markets all over the USA differ, in some areas the jewelry will sell for more, in other areas a little less. You have the freedom to set your own profit which allows you to eran 70%+ on all jewelry items you sell.

Sell Studio 15 Jewelry alongside other jewelry or competitive products. As an independent jewelry consultant you have the freedom to control your own business and your own destiny. We do not restrict you from selling other items with ours, unlike many direct sales companies who prohibit you with all their strict rules. All our jewelry items and accessories will be shipped to you unmarked, no company logos or tags are on our products.

If you are a vendor that sets up at shows or events then you will no longer be restricted because another Direct Sales Rep is in that particular show. You have your own business and not a business that belongs to Studio 15 Jewelry. We do not control how you choose to run your business!

As a Studio 15 Jewelry Consultant you are selling your own jewelry and branding your own business. When you sell items, you are selling them under your own business brand. There are no uplines, no downline, no sidelines - the profit you make is 100% yours to keep.

This TRULY Is Your OWN Business Without Restrictions! That is what EMPOWERMENT really is, giving you the power to control and succeed in your OWN business.

Jewelry Consultants join for FREE!

Studio 15 Jewelry don't charge you to do business with us, like other direct sales or MLM companies. Joining Studio 15 Jewelry is truly FREE! No tricks or hidden fees after you join as a jewelry consultant.

Other direct sales companies charge as much as $100 (sometimes more) to join their company and provide you with a starter package worth far less. At Studio 15 Jewelry we want to help you become successful and help you build and brand your own business. Our business model is to not make money off consultant fees that must go to pay uplines or downlines, rather we want you to spend the money on real products to sell and earn real commissions and profits without any restrictions or limitations!

Getting Started Couldn't Be Any Easier!

  • To start, request a sign-in link by entering your email on the Consultants Start HERE! page.
  • Click on the link in your email and you will go directly to our wholesale pages.
  • Add the jewelry items you are interested in selling to your shopping bag.
  • Place your order, add your shipping address, and when it arrives, start selling!
  • Set up a home party, invite your friends and sell!
  • Set up a facebook online party, invite customers and sell!
  • Set up at local markets, shows, events and sell!

Get Started Right Now!

studio 15 wholesale jewelry consultant

Join as a consutant and get started on creating and building your own jewelry company!

Have Any Questions? Need Any Help?

Our convenient customer service link is there for you, anytime you have a question, need help or looking for ways to improve your business. Simply contact us directly through the customer service link found on the top of every page. Also Check our Consultant FAQ's, the answer could be there. Remember, we are here to help you build your own business!